Hallmarks of our Department’s medical student training involvement include:

A commitment to exposing students to longitudinal primary care-oriented experiences, across the curriculum. Examples include

  • Participation of multiple faculty in teaching in the School of Medicine (SOM) Doctoring 1 course, in which first year students learn the basics of history taking and physical examination.
  • Faculty oversight of the SOM third year required Primary Care (block) Clerkship
  • Faculty oversight of and participation in the SOM third year longitudinal clerkship, in which a group of four students work together with a single primary care preceptor every other week throughout the year

A passion for improving medical education and medical practice via student mentoring and innovative initiatives and programs, exemplified by:

  • Faculty with formal advising roles in the SOM
  • A faculty member who is Director of the SOM’s Rural-PRIME training track, part of the University of California's PRograms In Medical Education (PRIME), designed to produce physician leaders who are trained in and committed to helping California's underserved communities.
  • Faculty who participate in the SOM admissions process (application screening, selection committee)
  • Faculty who play a leading role in a five UC consortium – the California Longitudinal Evaluation of Admissions Practices (CA-LEAP) – to study the student factors associated with admission to these schools and their subsequent educational performance.