Hallmarks of our research and scholarly activities are:

  • World-renowned researchers and teaching scholars, who extensively publish and present their cutting edge yet highly pragmatic and clinically relevant work in nationally and internationally influential outlets, helping to define and advance the research base for our field. Recent focus topics and issues addressed in our research and scholarly work have included:
    • Identifying and treating opioid misuse and disorders
    • Teasing out the patient, physician, and process drivers of discretionary (unnecessary) and potentially harmful care
    • Examining drivers of suboptimal and challenging care for patients with multiple chronic conditions
    • Studying ways of helping primary care physicians become more effective in motivating patients for healthy behavior change during visits, particularly those with multiple chronic conditions.
    • Identifying potential approaches to increasing the representation of racial/ethnic minority and lower socio-economic individuals in medicine and ensuring fair treatment of students with these characteristics once accepted to medical school.
    • Studying an approach to encouraging individuals disclose suicide thoughts to their primary care physician, and to enhance their openness to offers of treatment. Click here for a list of publications, media coverage and presentations by our faculty.
  • Engagement and mentoring of residents in opportunities to participate in research and scholarly activities, including presentation of their work at national and international meetings (registration and travel costs paid by the Department). Click here for a list of recent publications and presentations by our residents.
  • Close collaborations with other researchers and research-facilitating entities at UC Davis to achieve a “team science” approach, facilitating high quality and high impact work. The latter include the School of Public Health, Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), Center for Reducing Healthcare Disparities, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Clinical and Translational Science Center, among others. Our faculty member Dr. Bertakis was founding Director for CHPR, and our faculty member Dr. Melnikow is the present CHPR Director.