Dr. Anthony Jerant teaching a reisdent

Family Medicine Research Residency Program

(Family Medicine Physician-Scientist Pathway Program (FM-PSPP))

We are thrilled that you are interested in our
Family Medicine-Physician Scientist Pathway Program (FM-PSPP)!
We are dedicated to attracting diverse and talented trainees. You do not need research experience or know that you want a research career to apply – only a desire to be involved in making primary care better on a large scale.


This unique five-year program provides residents with a strong foundation in family medicine and an advanced experience in research and scholarship. The UC Davis FM-PSPP is one of seven such programs nationally to be established under the auspices of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) with the goal to provide an accelerated start to a successful family medicine research career. Family physicians are uniquely positioned to research healthcare and health policies that impact the whole person and healthcare system.

Residents in the FM-PSPP program complete all of the goals and objectives of the UC Davis Family Medicine Residency and also develop proficiency in research design, methods, and reporting. FM-PSPP residents also have the opportunity to earn a Masters in Public Health (MPH), Masters of Advanced Study (MAS) in Clinical Research, or Masters in Medical Informatics during their training, at a discounted tuition rate.  The FM-PSPP provides both the clinical experience to meet ABFM’s board-certification requirements and a structured, rigorous research training experience that is individualized to the trainee’s unique learning goals. By the summer of PGY3, each trainee will develop a research plan to complete over the following two years, including graduate degree coursework to fill knowledge gaps and complete a degree, if desired. By graduation in PGY5, FM-PSPP residents will be able to develop and conduct research in their chosen area sufficient to pursue a career of independently-funded research.

The types of projects participants may pursue are varied, and may encompass health services research, healthcare policy, clinical quality improvement, community engagement, advocacy, among other focuses.


Why the FM-PSP?

  • Integrated clinical and research training over 5 years to allow deeper engagement in both without a “gap” in clinical or research training
  • Time to meet research mentors and learn research and clinical landscape over 5 years, rather than trying to establish mentorships and a project in a 1-3 year research fellowship
  • Continuing to work in the same clinical system with continuity patients over 5 years
  • One application and you are accepted to both clinical residency and research training rather than applying for a fellowship after residency
  • One move after medical school rather than a second move in 3 years for research fellowship!
  • Even if you don’t pursue a career in research, you will have developed leadership, teaching, quality improvement, evidence-based medicine and public health skills to support a clinical, teaching, public policy and/or leadership career

Why UC Davis?


How to Apply

There is one UCD Family Medicine Physician-Scientist Pathway Program (FM-PSPP) position annually, matched through the standard NRMP match process. You can apply both for the FM-PSP and traditional core residency.

The following items are required:

  1. -Residency Application through Electronic Residency Application Service - ERAS (mark Traditional core residency). Include all standard application elements (family medicine Personal Statement, Letters of recommendation, etc)
  2. -Email the Program Coordinator, Roz Shirley, at rmshirley@ucdavis.edu​​
    1. -Indicate that you want to apply to the FM-PSP and state if you want to be considered only for the FM-PSPP or both the FM-PSPP and traditional FM core residency (this will not lower your chances of being accepted into the FM-PSPP)
    2. -Include a 200-500 word statement of interest in the FM-PSPP program. Please tell us why this type of training is important to you and your research or scholarly career goals. 

Applications will be reviewed by the program beginning October 1. Full consideration will be given to those who apply prior to their residency interview day however you can apply at any time.

Contact information (questions welcome!):
Elizabeth Magnan, M.D, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Family Medicine-Physician Scientist Pathway Program