UC Davis Trauma Prevention and Outreach - Our Team

Christy Adams, R.N., M.P.H., P.h.D
Trauma Prevention Coordinator

Contact: 916-734-9794


Christy Adams is a registered nurse and the Coordinator for the UC Davis Health System Trauma Prevention Program. With over 20 years of trauma and critical care experience across the age continuum, she has provided valuable contributions to state and national injury prevention groups. Her passion for collaborative injury prevention is evident in her development of numerous community partnerships and in her role as an injury prevention mentor for students of the health care professions. 

Catherine Morris, B.S.

Community Education Specialist

Contact: 916-734-9784


Catherine Morris is the coordinator for the UC Davis Health Child Passenger Safety Program and Master Trainer for the Matter of Balance and Stepping On senior fall prevention programs. She has over 25 years of experience with car seat safety education and is a lead instructor for the National Child Passenger Certification Training Program. Cathy collaborates with local agencies to implement senior fall prevention programs in the community and is an active stakeholder in the StopFalls Sacramento Coalition. 

Misael Chavarin

Community Education Specialist

Contact: 916-734-9798


Misael Chavarin is the Community Education Specialist for the UC Davis Health Trauma Prevention Program. Misael has extensive experience working with diverse communities and populations from different backgrounds. He is a National Child Passenger Safety Certified Instructor and certified in teen traffic safety, bicycle helmet safety and infant safe sleeping. Misael provides car seat education for both English and Spanish-speaking families. He also serves as the community liaison for the UC Davis Health Trauma Prevention Program.

Chevist Johnson

Violence Intervention Specialist


Contact: 916-291-6986

Chevist Johnson is the UC Davis Trauma Prevention Program’s Violence Intervention Specialist. He is a certified Gang Intervention Specialist with over 15 years of experience working with both and victims and perpetrators of violence crime. As a resource to the communities he serves, Chevist leans upon his experiences as a former gang member himself to engage those looking to leave traumatic lifestyles behind, in hopes of discovering a new direction in life.  A strong advocate for mindset and environment change, he seeks to provide individuals he serves with mentoring and community resources to help them take the steps needed to reach their full potential. A husband and father, Chevist is dedicated to serving the residents of Oak Park and its many community partners to help reduce violent incidents in the area.

Esmeralda Huerta

Esmeralda Huerta

Violence Intervention Specialist


Contact: 916-401-6031

Esmeralda Huerta is a Violence Intervention Specialist at UC Davis’ Wraparound Violence Intervention Program. As a certified Violence Prevention Professional, she provides comprehensive case management to violently injured young people. In hope and peace, Esmeralda comes alongside young people and their families as they enter their journey towards recovery. Throughout her youth, she experienced the striking effects of violence and trauma. She brings empathy, anecdotal experience and courage to traumatized young people and empowers them to become trauma-wise. As a resourceful pillar in her local community, Esmeralda partners closely with community agencies in Sacramento to create a safer world for young people.

Nerisha Harris, M.S.

Nerisha Harris, M.A.

Violence Intervention Specialist


Contact: 916-284-8179

Nerisha Harris is a Violence Intervention Specialist at UC Davis Wraparound Trauma Prevention Program. Nerisha has experience working with diverse communities, youth, and young adults from different backgrounds. As a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee she has extensive training providing mentorship, trauma-informed support, case management, and mental health services to those that need it most. She understands the psychological effects and limitations that emerges following violent and traumatic injuries. Her awareness of victims of violence brings compassion, tools supporting resilience, and counsel as she connects with recovering youth and their families on their personal journey. Nerisha takes pride in instilling hope, providing advocacy, and serving as a role model for young people in her community.