Nurse fellowship curriculum focuses on leadership, innovation

The three-year Betty Irene Moore Fellowship for Nurse Leaders and Innovators is a journey of leadership development and mentorship while completing an innovative project or study.

Fellowship curriculum is designed to develop leadership and innovation capacity, strengthen strategic thinking and collaborative skills and propel innovative ideas to fruition. Multiple modules are offered in collaboration with the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

Topics include self-assessment and goal setting, strategic thinking, collaborative and situational leadership, building and leading effective teams, interpersonal relations, managing people, entrepreneurship, project communication and messaging, design thinking, negotiation and difficult conversations, developmental networks, anti-racist leadership and more.

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Fellowship activities

Annual convocation — The annual convocation is a cornerstone event of the fellowship. The week-long gathering at Betty Irene Moore Hall in Sacramento, California, builds community among the cohorts and fosters connection within the program as well as with the Fellowship National Advisory Council. There, fellows participate in structured learning activities led by the national program office and the Graduate School of Management. Convocation week also includes off-site experiential learning experiences for fellows to explore leadership strengths. Fellows are required to attend the subsequent convocation after graduation to present their project results. 

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Canvas All resources for the program — including calendars, templates for individual development plans and readings — are provided via an online platform called Canvas. This application also serves as a communication hub for learning modules, online discussions and collaborative work. Program faculty host learning activities such as interactive modules from the platform. Fellows submit quarterly reports and track overall progress using Canvas.

Mentorship A mentor selected by the applicant (as part of the application process) and an additional mentor recommended by the fellowship program help foster integration and application of insights at both intrapersonal and interpersonal levels while each fellow completes projects and grows as a leader.

Alumni engagement — Alumni are welcome to continue to participate in the program after completion and contribute to the network for subsequent fellows. For alumni, the opportunity to stay involved can provide ongoing support as projects and studies enter the next phase of implementation and dissemination. Alumni may continue to participate in the online platform as well as attend convocation.

Time commitment

The online curriculum and mentorship expectations are approximately 60 hours throughout the year. Within that estimate, at least two hours a month are dedicated to program and mentor meetings. In addition, all fellows are required to attend the onsite convocation held in the last two weeks of July in Sacramento, California. The remaining percentage effort is dedicated to the project.

More about the mentors

Fellows are supported throughout the program by two mentors — a self-selected mentor the fellow names during the application process and an additional mentor the fellowship program selects after acceptance. Both mentors play important roles. The self-selected mentor provides advice and support for fellows as they navigate the program and their projects. Applicants are encouraged to select a mentor who provides the expertise they need for their individual projects and who can support their vision for the difference they hope to make. Self-selected mentors may be faculty from an applicant’s school or department, they may be outside their organization and they may also be from another discipline. The self-selected mentor is expected to understand the applicant’s project well enough to provide advice and support. Applicants may opt to use a mentor team; however, only one mentor is named on the application. The mentor assigned by the fellowship program is selected to augment the self-selected mentor. The Fellowship National Advisory Council works with program faculty to invite mentors that provide additional perspective or expertise to enhance the fellow’s advisory team.

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The project

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The fellowship program seeks fellows with creative and meaningful projects. Applicants should express their passion for what they want to accomplish in the world and how their projects contribute to that vision. The projects should fit within the applicant’s program of scholarship and should contribute an important building block to reach impact. Fellows refine their project plans and budget in collaboration with program faculty during the first six months of the program.

Fellowship projects should address an important question or develop and test an innovative idea. Projects should generate new knowledge and insights and have the potential for widespread impact. Projects are scoped appropriately for completion within 24 to 30 months and accomplished within the project budget.

Projects can include:

  • Research study
  • Implementation of an evidence- based intervention incorporating implementation science
  • Inventions that incorporate a rapid cycle design process

Project timeline

Start-up and final planning phase — During the first six months of the program, fellows work with their self-selected and national mentors, as well as program faculty, to refine and finalize their proposed project and budget, as well as complete start-up activities (e.g., assemble a project team, obtain Institutional Review Board approvals, etc.). 
Project launch — Projects commence within the first two to six months of the program start date and launch no later than Jan. 1.
Project duration — Projects range from 24 to 30 months in duration, with the last four to six months of the program reserved for preparing and disseminating the final report and product.